Used Industrial Generator Sets

Used industrial generator sets

There is a lot of things to think about when buying used industrial generator sets. You have to consider which fuel type you will be using, indoor or outdoor installation, and the generator set’s size. Everything has to align with your company’s needs; otherwise, the machine will not be effective. The good thing about used generators is you will get a chance to compare between a variety. You can also have the machine customized to fit your specific installation needs. The benefits of purchasing used industrial generators are endless. To further help you make a decision, these are some of the best used commercial generator sets.

Used industrial generator sets
  1. Cummins KTA 38 G1 Generator Set


Power: 940 HP

RPM: 1500

Voltage: 415v

Amps: 1015 a

Frequency: 50 Hz

Running hours: 216

Dimensions, LxWxH: 425x180x240 cm


  • Expansion tank
  • Fan
  • Skid
  • 18-inch flywheel
  • Radiator-cooled
  • 2×24 starter
  • Panel


  • It’s fuel-efficient. Diesel requires fewer fill-ups than most other fuels
  • The power output is capable of handling large industrial power loads
  • The fan allows adequate ventilation by circulating air through the generator set.
  • Used diesel industrial generator sets are known to require less maintenance
  • It’s less prone to accidents in the industrial area

  1. Mitsubishi S16R-PTA Generator Set


Power: 2012 HP

RPM: 1500

Voltage: 400v

Amps: 2165 a

Frequency: 50 Hz

Running hours: 235 from new

Dimension, LxWxH: 525x150x210 cm


  • 2×24 starter
  • Water-cooled
  • Panel
  • Expansion tank
  • Skid
  • Radiator


  • Water-cooled generator sets are considered worthwhile for industrial use
  • It’s a powerful machine that can carry different loads
  • The diesel generator set can offer safe storage, unlike the very explosive gasoline
  • It’s a well-maintained piece that is reliable and will keep your business running for long hours.


The two used industrial generator sets are only a few of the many you are likely to encounter. Ventilation, cooling, fuel storage and starting system are the main features you must look for when selecting industrial equipment. Keep in mind too small generators tends to overheat in industrial use.

Vickers Hardness Tester

vickers hardness tester

Also called the microhardness method, the Vickers hardness tester is mostly used for thin sections, case depth work, or small parts. It was developed by George E. Sandland and Robert L. Smith in 1921 during their work at Vickers Ltd and is based on an optical measurement system.

The Vickers hardness tester specifies a wide range of light loads using an indenter to make indentation which is measured and then converted to a hardness value. It can be used to test the hardness of almost any type of material (composites, ceramics metals) but test samples must be considered good to enable measuring the size of the impression.

The unit of hardness given by this test is called DPH (Diamond Pyramid Hardness) or HV (Vickers Pyramid Number).

Advantages of the Vickers method

• The measuring range is wide. The Vickers methods can be used to test both hard and soft materials.
• The technique is ideal for laboratory tests.
• The same indenter, a pyramidal diamond, can be used to measure all materials, irrespective of hardness.
• The needed calculations are independent of the size of the indenter.
• The method is extremely easy to perform.

vickers hardness tester

Disadvantages of the Vickers method

• It is a time-consuming process since the print on the surface is measured optically.
• The surface of the sample has to be highly polished.

Despite its weaknesses, the Vickers method is one of the more reliable hardness testing procedures to date. Its ease of maintenance and wide scope of the application make the test a viable addition to any testing workshop or facility.

Pasajes aéreos is there for you!

Pasajes aereos

Many people wonder why you should fly with Pasajes aéreos, today I will explain to you what they have got to offer. For example, you would love to visit Peru, right? Then it is good to think about all the beautiful destinations Peru has to offer. So based on this, many wonder what day of the week the flights are the cheapest. Well, here they can help you with, and also give you tips that you can keep in mind. Of Course the cheapest days are the days most people do not want to travel to a different country. But this also depends on the time of the year. That is why it is hard to say exactly when it’s the cheapest to fly.

Different destinations

The most beautiful destinations that you cannot miss when visiting peru are the following. When traveling with pasajes aéreos you should make an archaeological and unforgettable visit to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. These are some really beautiful tourist attractions that you do not want to miss. You can also enjoy water activities in the majestic Lake Titicaca. But that is not all, you can also meet the sea lions of the Palomino Islands! There honestly are almost endless possibilities. 

Visit for the best warehouse inventory insurance

So you probably do not know the reason why you should choose as your insurance company. Well then, please let me explain to you. If you are looking for warehouse inventory insurance you are on the right adres. This is because one of the reasons you should choose this company is because they will give you all the right information that you need to choose the right insurance company for your warehouse. They will even tell you exactly how to choose the best insurance for your situation and how to take care of the steps needed to be taken. That is some pretty good service if you ask me. 

Also if you are looking for affordable and above average warehouse inventory insurance this is the right place to start. But not only that, you also want to get good service. is a company who really tries to provide the best services for their customers.

What is warehouse inventory insurance

Are you still curious about the meaning of property and warehouse insurance? You are definitely not the only one! So after all, what is an inventory insurance and what is it used for? But not only that, the important question is: which goods are and are not covered by it? is happy to explain what an inventory insurance is, all for you. Inventory insurance insures the damage to your business inventory caused by, for example, theft, storm or fire damage. I hope this information has been very helpful to you.

Square Outdoor Daybed

square outdoor daybed

Square outdoor daybed are a patio trend that is here to stay. These daybeds come in multiple designs and are known for providing comfort and adding style to your outdoor space. With the furniture, you can sit back and enjoy the breeze in your living space.

square outdoor daybed

Designs for Your Placement

Outdoor daybeds are designed for different environments. If you intend to place it next to a swimming pool, you can go for water-proof designs. On the other hand, those living in sunny places can find designs that have canopies to protect them from the heat. It is even possible to purchase a cover which can protect the material from natural elements and dirt, and you can wash this cover from time to time.

Handy Side Tables

For the highest levels of comfort, you should go for square outdoor daybeds that have handy side tables. You can use these tables to place your drinks, phone, and other items. Also, elegant tables will complement the appearance of your outdoor space.

Small outdoor lounger

small outdoor lounger

Whether you are looking to replace old furniture or adding new ones to your backyard patio, comfort is an important factor to contemplate. The most significant thing about having a terrace patio is that it allows you to eat outdoors. And this is a marvelous way of relishing warm weather with your family and friends. All that really matters is furniture that can give you utmost comfort. For those looking for something more inspiring, outdoor furniture is the way to go. Not all outdoor furniture offers the same degree of luxury, like small outdoor loungers, which are matchless. And outside beauty, an outdoor lounger gives a relaxed environment to relax and feel good about you. After all, you all need a place where you can relieve your daily hassle.

small outdoor lounger

Matchless feature of outdoor lounger

 Small outdoor lounger deals contented sitting position generated by a modest movement, giving you an environment for studying. It has an adjustable frame and the ergonomic silhouette of the padding. Regardless of the size of your backyard patio, these loungers can fit any.


An outdoor lounger can be customised to meet your firm or family needs. So hurry and fashioned your outdoor space with these amazing offers.

Different types of dart boards

In a blog about differences between the classic and electronic dart board you can read about the benefits of each dart board. Why you should choose an electronic dart board or the classic dart board. We are now talking about the differences between classic dart boards, because there are a few things you should consider before buying a classic dart board.

Classic dart board

The classic dart board is made of sisal a soft material which can be penetrated deeply by the steel tip dart. It used by many professionals and most of the professional dart competitions are played with the classic sisal dart board. If you use the dart board for recreational use or for professional use there are differences between these types.

Dart board wiring

The wiring of the dart board is most likely to be sharper on the professional dart boards. The dart boards which are used for recreational use have more roundly wired. The wiring of the dart boards can make a difference, because it can reduce the chance of bouncers. This is when a dart is thrown onto the wires of the dart board, this could lead to the dart bouncing of the dart board and end up on the floor.

Dart board density

The density of the dart boards can also differ if it’s for recreational or professional use. The sisal is most likely to be more dense on the professional dart boards. This prevents imperfections on the dart board and make the dart board last longer.

Now you know more about the differences between the dart boards, you could choose between a wide variety of dart boards on the website.

Le rôle de notre œil dominant dans l’atteinte de la cible

cible de fléchettes

Il n’est pas aussi simple de toucher la cible sur le jeu de fléchettes que cela puisse paraître. Vous devez travailler votre position, saisir, viser et lancer pour cela et vous entraîner régulièrement. Il faut un certain temps pour trouver la position idéale pour vous, ainsi que votre style de jeu, mais une fois que vous les avez compris, la pratique devient plus facile et vous pouvez atteindre votre objectif plus rapidement et atteindre la cible de fléchettes. La première chose que vous devez savoir est l’importance de votre œil dominant car c’est la première étape de l’amélioration de votre jeu.

Il est facile de déterminer quel bras est dominant mais en ce qui concerne les yeux, la différence n’est pas très apparente. L’œil dominant est celui que votre cerveau préfère pour la saisie visuelle. Pour la plupart des gens, l’œil dominant est le même que le bras dominant. Donc, la plupart d’entre nous utilisent déjà notre œil dominant sans même le savoir.


Cependant, vous ne devez pas être satisfait de l’hypothèse. La meilleure façon est de découvrir votre œil dominant grâce à un simple test. Pour ce faire, formez un triangle en touchant les pouces et les index des deux mains. Regardez l’œil du taureau à travers ce triangle et rapprochez lentement les mains du visage. Ne déplacez pas vos yeux de la cible tout ce temps. Lorsqu’ils se lèvent vers le visage, vous verrez qu’ils ne sont plus au milieu mais devant un œil. Cet œil est votre œil dominant.

Pour viser la cible en fléchettes, vous devez dépendre de votre œil dominant afin d’obtenir des informations de position précises. Gardez à l’esprit que dans toute activité impliquée dans la visée, l’œil dominant est plus précis pour déterminer la position de la cible. Dans les fléchettes, c’est très important car vous devez rapprocher la fléchette de votre visage. Tout en élevant la fléchette au niveau des yeux avant de la lancer, placez-la devant l’œil dominant, ce faisant, votre capacité à juger correctement votre tir sera augmentée.


Purchase IP address block

They are constantly internet rumors of the demise of the current IP stocks. Lately, there has been a huge rise in the demand for IP brokers to aid in the purchase IP address block for major commercial corporations. There are a lot of benefits for such a move in this industry. They online world plays an huge and important part in our daily life and business transactions and this won’t change soon. There are also a lot of new companies that sell IP addresses, but Prefix Broker stays the best!

Prefix Broker: purchase IP address block

Prefix Broker has a well-established reputation with over a decade of experience. They were also one of the first registered IP brokers available. They are based in the Netherlands but they also deal with customers all over the world and purchase block of IP addresses for businesses in Europe, The Middle East, Russia and many more. The benefits of using Prefix Broker are:

  • A continuous supply of IPv4 addresses available for immediate sale
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Want to invest in a swing grinder machine?

Do you want to invest in a swing grinder machine? Than we recommend you the TopGrinder: a swing grinder machine that is designed by industry experts. This machine can handle all the production challenges, even the toughest ones. The TopGrinder removes hundreds of metal burrs, even the invisible ones.

Discover the benefits of an efficient process

The TopGrinder is a mobile swing grinder machine that is suitable for many production processes, like grinding, polishing, deburring and edge rounding. It is equipped with premium quality materials. One of the best things of this swing grinder machine is the user-friendly design. The TopGrinder has a simple mechanism which ensures an efficient and fast production process.

Curious about our swing grinder machine?

Are you curious about our swing grinder machine? Than just take a look at our website. Here you will find more information about our machines, services and company. Q-fin has more than 30 years of experience in the grinding and deburring technique. We developed machines for swing grinding, deburring and edge rounding. If you want to know more about one of our machines, do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone or e-mail.