December 9, 2021

Different types of dart boards

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In a blog about differences between the classic and electronic dart board you can read about the benefits of each dart board. Why you should choose an electronic dart board or the classic dart board. We are now talking about the differences between classic dart boards, because there are a few things you should consider before buying a classic dart board.

Classic dart board

The classic dart board is made of sisal a soft material which can be penetrated deeply by the steel tip dart. It used by many professionals and most of the professional dart competitions are played with the classic sisal dart board. If you use the dart board for recreational use or for professional use there are differences between these types.

Dart board wiring

The wiring of the dart board is most likely to be sharper on the professional dart boards. The dart boards which are used for recreational use have more roundly wired. The wiring of the dart boards can make a difference, because it can reduce the chance of bouncers. This is when a dart is thrown onto the wires of the dart board, this could lead to the dart bouncing of the dart board and end up on the floor.

Dart board density

The density of the dart boards can also differ if it’s for recreational or professional use. The sisal is most likely to be more dense on the professional dart boards. This prevents imperfections on the dart board and make the dart board last longer.

Now you know more about the differences between the dart boards, you could choose between a wide variety of dart boards on the website.

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